Campus Y-Talk

About Y-Talk
Y-Talk was started as a student-led project from HKUST and is currently developed as a social business on education design for secondary school as well as offering regular talks organizing and project management service.About Campus Y-Talk
Campus Y-Talk is an annual project aiming at campus peer inspiration. This year, in collaboration with CEN Social Innovation Week, we have invited peers conducting social projects/startups, to share their personal stories and get other peers inspired.Theme: Social Innovation
Date & Time: Nov 8th (Tue) 19:00-21:00
Venue: LT – C, HKUST Campus

Amazing Race

Cooperative entrepreneurship training program part two-Amazing Race has been successfully held on 8th Oct!!!
It was a sunny day. We ran together and learned basic knowledge about being an entrepreneur!! We are honored to invite a professional host-Mr. Mann Yim to lead us deep into this topic and share with us of his own experience.
Stay focus and more inspiring events are on the way!

Difference makes the same

Cooperative entrepreneurship training program part one-Difference makes the same has been successfully held in The BASE today!!
This year we focused on a common but crucial problem when conducting a startup – cooperation, and were very honored to invite two successful entrepreneurs from Raden and Hosbby to share their innovative ideas of internal/external cooperation during entrepreneurship.
Our active speakers have shared their precious experience with our participants. “Start up from Learning”, the success is always for the brave!


We are turned into poor families in Africa, peeling coffee beans to survive. Meanwhile we have to face hunger, disease, and so much more challenges!


Workshop @Blueprint

Blueprint is a new co-working space based in Taikoo, and an incubator for B2B technology startups. We had a brief tour in this well-designed community, and joined panel discussion with tech-startup cofounders. It gave us a zero-distance experience with technology startups and their work life.


Regular talks/seminars

Regular events held on a monthly basis, where we have entrepreneurs of hot topics to give us a sharing on his/her startup story and his/her insights on doing a startup in particular field, aiming at developing students’ interest in relevant startup areas. For CEN members only.


Social Innovation Forum

An annual exquisitely-prepared event where we invite representatives from different sectors of social innovation (i.e. social enterprises, NGOs, social ventures, education, technology, etc.) to discuss opportunities & challenges of social innovation development, aiming at providing a general view of current trends of social innovation to UST students.


“Startup from HKUST” Talk Series

We have invited dedicated entrepreneurs from HKUST (students/alumni) to share their insights and experience on creating a venture of various fields, establishing a peer-to-peer learning platform that connects UST students & UST entrepreneurs.